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Click on each Variety Package image to see the package offer at $15.00 as well as all of the singles that are in each of those variety packages.

Variety Packages include an assortment of patterns currently offered in the One Song website and are not brand new patterns.  There are 30 patterns in each Variety Package, offering a variety of design names and pattern types.  This will allow you to try out various patterns/designs at a substantial discount.  

All patterns shown as singles in the subcategory for each Variety Package are included in that Variety Package.

The low prices of the Variety Packages are based on the assumption that you may already have several of the singles that are included.  Please be aware that you may not sell, trade, give away, etc., any duplicate patterns that this may cause you to have.  Please be respectful of the copyright laws regarding digital files, as well as reading the Policies/Terms of this website. 


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