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The onesong 80/40 coupon is back!!  Code:  onesong40

See the terms in Home-Promotions page.

The July 2022 package of 100 patterns is on sale for 1 month only - - at 75% off for the first time.  These singles will be back to 50% off on February 1.  The package is on sale in January for $115.00 (will be $155.00 again on February 1).  Apply the 80/40 coupon to your order and take $40.00 off this package price.

The 2 panto collections are currently on sale at substantial savings in January.  Be sure to apply the onesong40 coupon for more savings.

The Winter Holiday sales of 2021 patterns is still in effect - see the postings below.

The 80/40 coupon sale:  Put $80.00 of sale prices in your shopping cart and the coupon will take off $40.00 more.  This is not automatic - you must apply coupon code onesong40 to receive this additional discount.  Orders cannot be combined.  You may use this coupon as many times as you like and it may include anything in the website, including the JPG Catalog, the panto collections, the full OSNA Pattern Collection, etc.  See Home-Promotions page for all terms on the coupon offer.