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Welcome to the new One Song Needle Arts website, featuring customer accounts where you will now download your orders immediately after processing your order.  See downloading instructions below.


FILE TYPES OFFERED:  Statler-coded DXF and QLI, IntelliQuilter IQP, and a JPG image file.  See Policies/Terms for more information about file types, etc. This website does not provide any other file formats for computerized quilting systems, and we also do not provide embroidery machine file formats.  Downloadable digital files are not refundable - please be sure you are able to use Statler-coded DXF and QLI or IntelliQuilter IQP files. 



What is on sale this month of January 2021? 


1.  A new Panto Collection is now available - 100 new pantos for $150.00 sale price through March 31, 2021.  The sale price will be $250.00, starting April 1, 2021.  The 100 pantos are available as singles at 50% off.  To find:  See the WHAT'S NEW category, or PATTERNS BY TYPE:  PANTO COLLECTION #2 subcategory for the collection and the singles.  Please note that there is no credit offered on the full panto collection when buying the panto singles first.  See the terms and more information in the collection description.  

2.  All single patterns in the website are on sale at 50% off - sale prices are marked - no coupon is needed.

3.  The Prime Panto Collection of 289 pantos is now on sale for $350.00.  Find it in PATTERNS BY TYPE:  PRIME PANTO COLLECTION.


 Downloading orders:  Go to your Account.  Click on Orders.  Click on the Order you want to download.  Screen called Order Contents - you will see a round black circle with a down arrow on each pattern image - click on the black circle.  Next screen - hover your mouse over the pattern number and click on it.  You then will receive a prompt asking you to "Open with" or "Save File".  Always choose Save File.  You then will save to your location of choice as you normally do when downloading files.  Always backup your files for safekeeping!!