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OSNA VARIETY PACKAGE 40 -- 30 patterns.  These are NOT new patterns.  All single patterns included in this Variety Package are already posted in the website.  The purpose of the variety packages is to allow you to try out different pattern designs and pattern types at a substantial discount.  It is assumed you may already have some of the patterns in these variety packages, hence the low sale price for the packages.  There are no pattern exchanges, credits, refunds, etc., if you have already purchased some of these patterns in the past and you then purchase this variety package.  Please also see Policies/Terms for copyright information.  It is strictly forbidden to trade/sell/share, etc., any patterns from these Variety Packages that you do not need or want. 

Patterns included:  All single patterns shown in this subcategory are included in this package.   Each pattern included will have "VP40" in the product name.

Files included:  Statler-coded DXF, Statler QLI, IntelliQuilter IQP, and JPG images.  Note:  There is a difference between Statler-coded DXF and standard DXF (without embedded codes).  Be sure you are able to use at least one of these file formats in your quilting system.

Also find these single patterns in the website categories of:  Patterns by Design and Patterns by Type.