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Terms & Policies

One Song Needle Arts Products:  Our website provides digital files of computerized longarm quilting patterns.  All designs are created and digitized by Donna Kleinke (owner of One Song Needle Arts). 

File types offeredStatler-coded DXF, Statler QLI, Intelliquilter IQP, and JPG image files are included in the downloadable folders.  We do not offer any other file types/formats and a conversion service to any other file types is also not offered.  See policies below regarding converting files for your own use.  We also do not offer printed patterns for non-computerized quilting systems.

Copyright:  One Song Needle Arts patterns are copyright protected and may not be sold, given away, traded, shared, etc., for any reason.  When posting pattern images in the internet, the One Song copyright information must remain on the pattern image.

Terms of Sale:  Orders of downloadable digital files are not refundable or exchangeable.  If you do not own a Statler, IntelliQuilter, or other system that uses the file types we offer, please do not purchase our patterns.

Payment options:  Our shopping cart utilizes PayPal and PayPal/Braintree for charge card use.  You may process your payment using your PayPal account, or select the option to process your payment using your charge card. 

Instructions on placing orders:  Always check the main page of the website for the current promotion/sale, such as a "coupon sale"  and make a note of the coupon code to use in your shopping cart.  In your shopping cart, double check all patterns and make sure quantities are all at '1.'  Also make sure there are no patterns in your order that you did not intentionally add to the cart.   Click on "Coupon" and type in the coupon code.   Your cart should immediately calculate the discount and any applicable Wisconsin sales tax.

Receipt of orders:  Immediately upon order and payment processing, you will be able to download your pattern files.  Click on ACCOUNT on the top/right of your computer screen.  Your orders will be listed - click on the "arrow" to download files.  You will also receive an email notification of your order, which also contains the download links. 

Downloading Orders:   Orders placed beginning April 1, 2019 will remain in your Account for immediate and future downloading.  However, it is important to download and save your files in a backup system, etc. as quickly as possible.   Pattern files will be in zipped folders.  Please be sure your computer contains an unzipping program.  If you do not have one, they may be found in the internet at no cost.

Duplicate purchases:  Before placing orders for patterns, please check your pattern inventory to avoid ordering duplicates, which are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.  One Song patterns offered elsewhere in the past have DK at the beginning of the code number, so be sure to check these as well.

File conversions to other machine types:  Programs such as Art&Stitch may be used to convert One Song pattern files for use on other computerized longarm quilting systems and/or embroidery machines.  All copyright terms apply and file conversions must be done by the original purchaser only.  We offer no guarantees for successful file conversions, nor are we able to offer assistance.  Art&Stitch may be contacted for customer support and instructions on converting our pattern files.   You may also contact the representative of your quilting system/software for their recommendations on how to convert One Song patterns to your quilting system.   Be sure to tell them our DXF files are Statler-coded, as these are different than the typical DXF files.

Replacement of lost pattern files (such as due to computer crashes, etc.):   It is each customer's responsibility to back up your pattern inventory and protect your investment.  Lost pattern files are not replaced by One Song Needle Arts.  Orders placed after April 1, 2019 may be downloaded again in your account, but do not use this as your only backup.

How are One Song patterns digitized:  All One Song patterns are designed and digitized using arcs and lines (as opposed to design programs that utilize polylines).  Some quilting systems automatically convert the files to polylines (multiple tiny line segments) in the QLI and IQP files.  Our patterns are enlarged on the files to allow for smoother stitching when sized appropriately. 

Stitching intricate patterns:  When stitching intricate patterns, please adjust the stitches per inch to capture the pattern detail, especially for patterns that contain pearls and bubbles, etc.  

Sizes of patterns:  Recommended pattern size is not provided since patterns may be set to any size to accommodate various project types. The stitch-out quality will depend on stitches per inch as well as speed of the quilting system.

Pattern Alterations:  Please select patterns that will work with your project, unless you have the ability to make alterations yourself.  One Song patterns are designed in AutoSketch.  Our DXF files may be used to make your alterations, but we do not teach this or provide assistance.  Also remember that any alterations you make to One Song patterns are still copyrighted to One Song Needle Arts and follow the same copyright laws.   Only the purchasing customer may alter patterns.   Pattern files may not be sent to another person or company for alterations (or file conversions).  Patterns altered by customer may not be shared, sold, given away, etc.  Before altering a pattern file, be sure you have saved a copy of the original file, as pattern files are not replaced free of charge if the original has been altered and needs replacing.

Custom design requests:   We do not offer a custom digitizing service. 

Pattern Quantity Usage:  You are permitted to use One Song patterns on unlimited personal and/or customer quilting projects.  However, mass production of products made with One Song patterns is strictly prohibited. 

Policy Changes:  Policies may be revised at any time.  By purchasing patterns through the One Song Needle Arts website, you are agreeing to our policies.