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Adora Set #1 - Project Images

Adora Set #1 - Project Images
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There are a lot of changes in the works.  Please read this message before placing orders.  There are also 40 new One Song pantographs available and on sale - see below on where to find them.  This One Song website sale is still in effect through September 30, 2014 - - up to 95% off patterns!!

NEW MANAGEMENT:  I have contracted with Jessica Schick of Digi-Tech Designs to take over full management of One Song Needle Arts, effective immediately.  The transition will take place through October 2014.  This current One Song website will close on October 15 and a new website will open shortly thereafter. This is going to be a busy transition and there are going to be a lot of questions. It is greatly appreciated if you read the information below before writing to us.  I have tried to anticipate the questions and provide responses below.  This is a lot to read and it may be overwhelming, but it should help to answer any questions much faster than waiting for an email response.
IMPORTANT!!!:  It must be brought to everyone's attention about a website issue that has been occurring. This website has experienced some technical/communication issues with regard to DMARC (see www.dmarc.org if you would like further information about this). The main issue has been with regard to requests for forgotten passwords and emailing of order confirmations/receipts.  Please see below if you have forgotten your account password and have not received another via email and have not been able to access your account.  To contact us, please send an email to onesongneedlearts@yahoo.com.  Sending a message through "Contact Us" in the website is not working properly because of DMARC. All orders are being processed as usual and downloading of orders has not been affected. 

THIS CURRENT ONE SONG WEBSITE:  Scheduled for closing on October 15, 2014.  All orders MUST be downloaded before October 15.  The current sale prices will remain in effect through September 30, 2014, at which time all sale prices will be removed and patterns will be at full price until this website closes.
ACCOUNT PASSWORD ISSUES:  DMARC has caused emails to not go out from this website to many customers.  This has created many issues, and it is appreciated if you follow these instructions to avoid further frustrations and problems.  If you currently have a One Song account and you know your password, please be sure to not lose it, as you may not receive another to be able to access your account.  If you have an account and have forgotten your password and wish to place an order, you will need to create a new account using a different email address than the one in your current account, and again, please do not lose your new account password.  I am sincerely sorry for this inconvenience, but there is nothing I can do about it and I have to ask for your compliance and patience to get through until the new website opens.  If you have any concerns about placing an order through to the end of September, it is advised that you place orders for One Song patterns at the Digi-Tech website.
ORDER CONFIRMATION/RECEIPTS:  DMARC has also blocked receipt of the emailed order confirmations and receipts to many people.  Please print out this information from your account upon placing an order.  Once this current website closes you will not have access to your account or order information.  I will have past order information available to me for a short time period after October, but will only be able to provide this information as time allows on my schedule.
NEW PATTERNS:  I have designed 40 new pantographs which are now available in the Digi-Tech website, on sale through the end of September.  They will not be posted in this current One Song website.  They are available in all quilting machine file formats!!  More new patterns will be announced via newsletter as they are posted.

New pantos for computerized quilting systems: 

PDF CATALOGS:  The catalogs will be available only through mid October and must be downloaded by October 15th.  They are not available for emailing and they will not be available in the Digi-Tech or new One Song websites, so please be sure to get them now if you want them.  Remember - when placing orders for only catalogs and/or free patterns, with a $0.00 balance due, use the "Free of Charge" button at the payment location to be able to process your order without needing charge card or PayPal information.

FREE PATTERNS: The free patterns in this website will be discontinued on October 15, so please be sure to order and download them before October 15.
RETIRED PATTERNS IN THE "RETIRED" CATEGORIES:  These patterns will never be offered again, so please be sure to order them before September 30 and download before October 15, if there are any you would like to have.
All terms and policies are still in effect (see further below).  Orders MUST be downloaded by customers. There are 33 days allowed for downloading - however, there is now also a deadline date of October 15 for downloading - no exceptions.  Any orders that are not downloaded by October 15 will have a service charge for compiling and emailing the orders and this service will only be offered as time permits.
NEW ONE SONG WEBSITE:  More information will be sent out as the date approaches for the opening of the new website.  If you would like to receive notice of the grand opening, please be sure to create an account in this website or the Digi-Tech website, which will put you on the mailing list. The new One Song website will offer all file formats for computerized quilting systems.
DIGI-TECH WEBSITE:  There are currently a few thousand One Song patterns available at Digi-Tech and more older patterns from 2011-2013 are being loaded as time permits.  All One Song patterns are also on sale through the end of September at Digi-Tech.  The sale prices are not necessarily the same as in this One Song website, but all file formats are available through the Digi-Tech website.
If  you would like to take advantage of the final weeks of the One Song sale prices, it is advised that you place your orders early, rather than waiting until the end of September, to provide enough time to resolve any issues before the sale prices are removed from the website in September 30, 2014.
I would like to thank everyone for your patience during this transition, as well as for your support and dedication to One Song for the past 8 years.  We appreciate your taking the time to read the information provided and your patience in waiting for a response to any other questions or issues that you may need help in resolving.  This transition to Digi-Tech management is going to be wonderful for everyone.  Customer service will be top-notch, all file formats for all quilting systems will be available for One Song patterns, as well as paper patterns and computerized embroidery machine files.  And, a brand new website will offer more capabilities and services.  This new venture will allow me to design full time, and I absolutely love this!!!  I hope you will as well.

Thank you!!!! - - Donna Kleinke, Designer and Owner of One Song Needle Arts, LLC

***************** ONE SONG TERMS AND POLICIES ***************************
- - -
TERMS OF SALE AND RECEIPT OF PATTERN FILES:  All orders MUST be downloaded by customers within
33 days of order date, now with a deadline date of October 15, 2014 for downloading.  See
instructions below for downloading.  Orders of digital files are not refundable or exchangeable - - please check your current pattern inventory before placing orders, as credit or exchanges are not given on duplicate orders.
- - -
DOWNLOADABLE FILES:  All orders are available for downloading immediately upon order
processing/payment.  Downloading is to be done by the customer.   Download links are active for
33 days and cannot be reactivated.  If you are a new One Song customer, please order free
patterns and learn the downloading process to avoid exhausting the 5 download attempts available.
- - -
FILE TYPES OFFERED:  Statler DXF files are available for immediate downloading on all patterns.  Many
patterns also have IQP and QLI files in the downloadable folders, which will be noted in the pattern description.
- - -
QLI files for non-Statler users:  QLI files are available for all OSNA patterns. The older patterns do not include QLI files in the downloadable folders.  To receive QLI files via email, please request this on your order form.  During this transition period through October it could take up to 2 weeks to receive QLI files via email.  If a pattern or set is needed immediately, please select from patterns that have QLI files in the downloadable folders.
- - -
REPLACING PAST PATTERN ORDERS DUE TO COMPUTER MALFUNCTIONS AND/OR NOT DOWNLOADING ORDERS WITHIN THE 33 DAYS ALLOWED:   We encourage everyone to back up your pattern files immediately upon purchase.  This can be done with an external modem backup system or saving files to CDs, etc.  There is a fee to replace lost pattern files and this service is offered only as time permits.  It is advisable to re-purchase any lost pattern files that are needed - please note that there
is no refund offered on duplicate purchases. OSNA prices are based on customer download and the
time required to confirm past purchases and manually compile and email them has become too
- - -
PATTERN GUARANTEES:  One Song patterns have been created for Statler users and guarantees
patterns for this system only.  All other users, please order small quantities and test patterns before placing further orders, as digital pattern files cannot be refunded or replaced.  If you have any doubts as to whether DXF or QLI files will work with your system (other than Statler), it is recommended that you purchase patterns directly from Digi-Tech Designs in the file type of your choice.
- - -

If your questions have not been answered in this information, please send an email to
onesongneedlearts@yahoo.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.  During this transition
period, responses may take longer than usual.

Thank you!!!!!

Donna Kleinke
One Song Needle Arts, LLC
Door County, Wisconsin USA
Downloading instructions:
 - - To download your orders, please log into your account and go to My Account, then to My Orders.  Links are available for 33 days and must be downloaded within this time period, with a deadline date now of October 15, 2014 when this website will be closing.
Zipped files need to be unzipped/decompressed before they can be installed in your quilting

1.  Left mouse click on the pattern link in the email. You will go through each step below

separately for each pattern link.
2.  A box will come up (Download Attachment).  Click on the "Download Attachment" button.
3.  Another box will come up that says "Open With" - click "Okay."
4.  The next box should be "Download."  If another box comes up that says "unknown file type"
click cancel and close this box.  You do not need to specify anything specific here.
5.  Then, double left mouse click on the pattern file name in the prompt box that is remaining
on your screen.
6.  The pattern files will be shown.  Click on "Extract all files."  This will take you through
the Extraction Wizard process.  Click "Next."
7.  You will be asked where you want to save your files.  I recommend saving them somewhere in
your main computer in case your quilting system computer ever crashes.  Select the location
where you want to save the files by clicking on "Browse."  To save them on your flash drive
(stick), this would be where you would select that location as well.   Once the pattern files
are stored in your home computer, unzipped, you can transfer them to your flash drive but be
sure they are not in any file folders.
- - -
Single patterns that are not in zipped folders:  Always use left mouse click.  The steps are
basically the same; however, you will not need to unzip/decompress the files.


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