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CATALOG (JPG) for OSNA PATTERN COLLECTION - Free updates on new patterns

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This JPG Catalog is a downloadable group of JPG images for the entire OSNA PATTERN COLLECTION - posted on MARCH 2022. 


FREE UPDATES:  This Catalog is updated with each package of new patterns.  This means, once you purchase this Catalog, you will automatically receive all updates.  When a new pattern package is announced, all you need to do is go into your account and open the Order where you purchased this Catalog.  Click on the black down arrow and you will see each package JPG update.  Download it and save the JPG files where you saved the initial JPG Catalog.  There is no charge to keep getting these updates.  


The images you see in the website are the same JPG pages included in this Catalog purchase.   This is not a PDF catalog.  It is a group of individual JPG images that you may sort and print or view in your computer. 


All patterns in the website are shown in these JPG images.  Each image may be printed or viewed in your computer.   The JPG images are provided in numerical order.  You may create groupings of patterns to keep in separate folders for viewing or to print out using your computer's image printing software.  For example, if you quilt mostly with pantos, you may gather all of the panto images and store them separately for faster selection of appropriate patterns for your individual projects.  The JPG images are provided this way, as opposed to small images in a PDF catalog, to make it easier for you to create any assortment of groupings, either by pattern type or design name, or selection of various pattern types/designs when designing a quilt project.   Groupings may then be printed 1, 2, 4, etc. per page, depending on your needs.  Use your own image printing software.  


Copyright:  This product is copyright to OSNA.  Please be respectful and do not share, sell, trade, etc., this Catalog.   You may, however, share a few images with your clients while designing quilt projects with them.   Your clients may purchase their own JPG Catalog directly from OSNA for more extensive use in designing their projects.   This JPG Catalog may not be posted in the internet.    Please write to OSNA if you have questions.