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Crosshatch 1 Block 1 - #8589 (aka #8589E**) (included in Crosshatch Block Set 1 - #8589)

$10.00 $5.00
(You save $5.00)

Files included:  Statler-coded DXF, Statler QLI, IntelliQuilter IQP, JPG image.  Code #8589 and changed to #8589E when the set of 10 was created).

Single line crosshatching for fast stitching - no double lines.

** This pattern was originally presented as a single pattern, coded #8589 Block 1 (this product posting), in December 2019.  Another 9 patterns were then created and put into a set of 10, as well as singles coded 8589A through 8589J.  If you have ordered this original 8589 Block 1 and wish to now order the set of 10, please send me an email requesting credit for your purchase of the single pattern after you order the set.  I apologize for the confusion - - this happens when a single pattern is created and is popular enough to then make an entire set from it.