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PANTO PACKAGE JULY 2023-B - 10 PANTOS - #9104 Series

$120.00 $30.00
(You save $90.00)
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1 unit


PANTO PACKAGE JULY 2023-B = = 10 PANTOS - SERIES #9104  - All patterns shown in this "PANTO PACKAGE JULY 2023-B" subcategory are included in this package:


9104A - Feather Hex Pinwheel Panto 1 (6-sided)

9104B - Feather Hex Pinwheel Panto 2 (6-sided)

9104C - Joyful Flowers Hex Panto 1 (6-sided)

9104D - Kokoro Birds Panto 1

9104E - Sedona Feathers Panto 1

9104F - Sedona Feathers and Pearls Panto 1

9104G - Pearls and Diamonds Panto 1

9104H - Clarisse-Orion Panto 1

9104I - Orion On-Point (OP) Panto 1

9104J - Garden Gates Diamond Panto 1


Files included:  Statler-coded DXF, Statler QLI, IntelliQuilter IQP, and JPG images.  Note:  There is a difference between Statler-coded DXF and standard DXF (without embedded codes).  Be sure you are able to use at least one of these file formats in your quilting system.